Martinizing Delivers Franchise is for the person who wants to be
their own boss. They want to be rewarded for their time and efforts
without the need to manage a staff.

You select your exclusive dry cleaning route delivery area after reviewing the available areas, demographics, and actually driving the areas with our staff.

$85,000 is the typical investment for Martinizing Delivers which includes
your exclusive route delivery area, van (nice used) & graphics, POS system, marketing funds, and miscellaneous items. Financing assistance available.

Martinizing has been doing pick-up and delivery for years. We match you with one of our quality Martinizing processing plants and get you totally trained and running smoothly quickly.

Time Frame
90 days or less for most of our new dry cleaning businesses

Financial Requirements
New worth of $100,000 with liquid assets of $50,000
Work from your home – no leases to sign

Franchisee’s Initial Role
As your own boss you set your schedule and you actively grow your dry cleaning business in your area. You provide the ultimate in customer relations and service to customers.

Franchisee’s Long Term Role
Some franchisees will expand and acquire an additional route delivery area while a few will establish their own Martinizing dry cleaning plant in their area (we waive this franchise fee).